Hello, I'm Sam. I'm a programmer and designer based in NYC.

I enjoy building and thinking about interfaces1: human-computer, community-equity, collective-individual, clothing-body, etc.


  1. The map is the territory on this one, as interfaces are masks that let us role play and work together.

    systems could no longer be confined to circuits such as those connecting the pilot and the ship, but incorporated all and any of the elements which compose them, and those with which they come into contact: eyes, hands, skin, bones, decks, rails, wheels, rudders, maps, stars, currents, winds, and tides. It encompasses a literally endless list of components working together at an equally endless variety of interlocking and connecting scales. Systems such as these are not merely composed of one or two loops and a governor, but a myriad of interacting components too complex and numerous to name

    — sadie plant, zeros + ones pg 164 ↩︎